Field Communication Division undertakes direct and interpersonal communication programmes to create awareness amongst the masses, particularly in rural and semi urban areas. Regional Outreach Bureau (ROBs) and Field Outreach Bureau (FOBs) accordingly seek to empower people through information to enable them to avail the benefits from such programmes/schemes. It organizes ground activation and outreach programmes. Special Outreach Programmes (SOPs) are organized with the support of various stakeholders viz. the State Government and local functionaries, society groups etc. As they are in the local language and at nearby venues, the impact of these communication programmes is more and it enables a greater understanding of the Government’s schemes among the masses. These efforts are complemented by use of traditional and folk media and other conventional and non-conventional methods.

FOB Tiruchirapalli Address: Shri Devi Padmanabhan, Field Publicity Officer, FOB, No.110/1, Kalyana-sundaram Nagar, National Nagar, Karu-dapam, Tiruchirapalli– 620 001; 0431 – 2962 355 / 2482 952;; Jurisdiction areas are Tiruchirapalli, Karur, Perambalur Ariyalur